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What is beauty?

Is it true that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”? This conveys that the opinion on beauty is an personal one. Then what about a collective (majority) opinion on Beauty? So ultimately, which is correct – the individual opinion OR the collective one?

While it is true that there may be more than one opinion on what exactly is beautiful – in a given scenario – there is a general opinion as well, which has greater value. This general opinion of body appearance, whether it is symmetry, shape, size, position and sometimes colour, has been analysed by scientists. It turns out that these parameters, which the majority finds beautiful, also denote health status of the Individual.

Thus this conveys that Beauty is Health. Is this true? Yes, undoubtedly! Any person, with the best of health, will undoubtedly look smart and attractive. Even if health is lost slightly, the smart look is lost immediately and replaced by a dull look, which can become an unhealthy look if the health deteriorates further. This is seen most easily with the glow of the skin/lips and the fullness of the cheeks.

Thus, loss of Beauty is an indicator/symptom of declining health. The body is actually asking the person to take care of matters before health deteriorates further. Despite this, if the person continues to neglect their body, risk of declining health is high.

We at LINEA understand this equation between Beauty and Health very well. Any person who approaches us with a beauty problem, will have a Health Evaluation in addition to the analysis and treatment of the Beauty issue! We do this with a team support of Dermatology expert for Cosmetic Dermatology, Dental Specialist for Cosmetic Dentistry for Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery.

With our feet and ears to the ground, we strive to keep our services accessible – physically, psychologically and financially. We are available for discreet consultations also, after your regular office hours…

So, to conclude – at LINEA, Beauty is Health!

Welcome to LINEA!

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