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Varicose Vein Clinic

Welcome to this section of the website – LINEA Varicose Vein Clinic!

At our Vein Clinic, we provide comprehensive services for Varicose Vein Problems under a single Roof – whether it is for screening, evaluation, Imaging by Doppler OR Treatment with all the options, it is available at LINEA!

People suffering from Varicose veins often do not realise how much of a toll it takes on their daily life. Only when they are rid of the trouble it is causing are they convinced what they were missing!

With the best of modern technology, in the hands of the well trained experts, we can get you back on your feet, in the shortest possible time – Literally!

We have a no-nonsense attitude, and will do all that Modern Science can, and will not hesitate to tell you what we or Science cannot!

Please go through the various pages in this section, seen in the Orange colour Sub-headings. If you do not follow anything that is there, or want to know more than what you can see, please reach out to us.

Wishing you Happy Legs!

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